XPOWER X-47ATR Professional Axial Fan (1/3 HP)

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The XPOWER X-47 ATR is the ultimate axial fan - packed with features such as a variable speed control, 3 hour timer, 360-degree rotation rack/stand, and built in daisy chainable power outlets to get a variety of jobs done. A specially designed sealed motor prevents damage from water and other contaminants. The X-47 efficiently produces up to 3600 CFM with a  low 2.8 Amp draw. Use this high performance fan with its unique grill design to extend a powerful and focused stream of air up to 60 ft. in any direction. Easily transportable, this unit’s super lightweight yet durable ABS injection molded housing can be stacked up to 5 units high. Ducting hoses (16DH25 or 16DH15) and adapter kit (16DHK) are available separately for confined space ventilation.

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