XPOWER X-430TF-MDK Pet Grooming Cage Dryer

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    • Powerful and quiet 1/3 HP motor with low 3.8 AMP draw produces up to 2000 CFM of safe room temperature air
    • 3-hour automatic switch-off timer 
    • Easy to access and clean filter system
    • Light-weight and durable ABS plastic housing design (same material as football helmets)
    • Dual thermal protection
    • ETL/CETL safety certified
    • Comes with 3 x 8-ft. long extendable hoses for drying in 3 cages at the same time
    • Sturdy high-flexible synthetic rubber construction with reinforced spiral metal support coil, no crimp, no pinch hose



    The XPOWER X-430TF Cage Dryer with 430MDK Multi-Cage Drying Hose Kit is perfect for busy grooming shops that book many coated dogs, which require high air volume and hands-free equipment for the most efficient drying.

    Featuring a brushless low maintenance motor; this dryer is lightweight, quiet and powerful — producing up to 2000 CFM heat-free airflow directly from the machine.

    This dryer is packed with convenient features such as a 3-speed control, an optional 3-hour timer, safe room-temperature air, an easy-clean, washable double filter system, and may be used without the MDK as a fan for ventilation and drying surfaces.

    Several cage dryers can run all day without worrying over high electrical cost or overload, thanks to an energy-efficient 3.8-amp power draw with ETL/C-ETL international safety certification.

    The Multi-Cage Drying Hose Kit features a secure adapter collar with three durable 8 ft. x 4.5 in. high-flex hoses for multiple cage drying. Three guillotine style airflow gates with integrated cage attachment clips can be easily adjusted to direct precise airflow to occupied cages.

    Six hose clamps are included for airflow gates and hose attachment. Hoses are made of highly flexible vinyl with a metal inner support coil to facilitate hose expansion and prevent collapse.

    Upgrade to the XPOWER X-800TF Cage Dryer with 800MDK Multi Cage Drying Hose Kit for large cages requiring more power and higher CFM output.

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