XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus Pet Dryer (4 HP)

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    • Powerful and Energy-Efficient
    • Remarkably QUIET DOUBLE Motor
    • Variable Speed Control
    • Lightweight and Durable ABS Housing Design
    • Washable 3-filter system keeps the machines running clean and efficiently
    • Comes with one 8′ long x 1.7″ diameter high-flex heat-resistant nylon hose and 3 styling nozzles
    • Wall and Stand Mount Optional
    • Thermally Protected
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty


    XPOWER B-25 Pro Force Plus is a high-performance double motor dryer with variable speed control that produces a powerful blast of motor heated airflow. 

    This unit is the perfect solution for efficient gross drying right out of the bath, constructed with shock-proof and heat-resistant ABS rust-free housing.

    This lightweight dryer includes three styling nozzles and an 8 ft. x 1 3/4 inches thermal flex hose.

    With a one year manufacturer’s warranty, the B-25 from XPOWER is precision-engineered for many years of service.

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