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Electric Eel Drain Cleaning Machine, NK-DN50

by Electric Eel | SKU: NK-DN50

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  • $2,032.99 Weight: 24.04 kg

Enlarged Drum holds 75' of Dualmatic or 100' of continuous cable. Cable is available in convenient 5 Ft. Dualmatic sections with self-feeding action, or 1/2" diameter certified music wire with genuine galvanized aircraft wire inner core for longer life. Cleans household drains, industrial waste lines, vents and downspouts from 1 1/4" - 3" in diameter.


  • •  Runs up to 75’ of self-feeding Dualmatic cable in low-maintenance 5’ sections
  • • Rugged 1/3 H.P. motor with built-in safety clutch
  • • Cast aluminum inner drum and cable guide to eliminate tangling in the drum
  • • Drum removes quickly and easily
  • • Convenient foot operating switch
  • • Built-in GFCI on a 20’ line cord protects operator from electrical shock
  • • Optional 2-wheel cart for easy transport


  • Model N machine with 1/3 HP motor and outer drum assembly
  • (10) 5 ft. section dualmatic cable
  • Cleaning tool set
  • Tool bag
  • 1/8” T-wrench
  • Leather gloves

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