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Electric Eel Model N Drum Machine

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    • Cleans household drains, industrial waste lines, vents and downspouts with ease
    • Features an enlarged drum that holds 75′ of Dualmatic or 100′ of continuous cable
    • The cable is available in convenient 5 Ft. Dualmatic sections with self-feeding action for maximum flexibility and lower maintenance, or a continuous 1/2″ diameter certified music wire with genuine galvanized aircraft wire inner core for longer life
    • Built-in slip clutch consisting of dual fibre discs provides overload protection for cable and cleaning tools
    • Cast aluminum inner drum and cable guide eliminates tangling in the drum
    • Unique heavy-duty frame design permits Model N to operate from either a 45 degree or horizontal position
    • Rugged 1/3 HP-motor delivers plenty of speed cleaning power
    • Cast aluminum bracket with bearing supported guide tube
    • Cleans household drains, industrial waste lines, vents and downspouts from 1-1/4″ – 3″ in diameter


      Shipment for this product takes up to 10-15 days.

      Cable Diameter


      Cable Length

      50ft., 75ft., 100ft.

      Cable Type

      1/2in. Continuous, 5ft. Dualmatic

      Minimum Drain Size

      1 1/4in.

      Maximum Drain Size




      Power Details

      1/3 HP

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