Inlet Filter Forced Air Kerosene 2009 to Current - HeatStar - Mr. Heater

Inlet Filter for Forced Air Kerosene Heaters

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Heatstar/Mr. Heater


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Replacement Inlet Filter for Mr. Heater Models MH50KR, MH75KTR through MH210KTR and HeatStar Models HS50K, HS75KT through HS210KT

Part #: 21815

For Service Parts Ordering
It is up to the customer to ensure that they are ordering the correct part number. For help obtaining part numbers please contact:

HeatStar: 1-866-447-2194
Enerco: 1-888-849-1899
Mr. Heater, Cleveland Iron Works, and BaseCamp: 1-800-251-0001

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