XPOWER ASK125 Adapter for XD-125 Dehumidifier

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    • Creates a complete air purification system when combined with an 8DH15 Ducting Hose, XD-125 Dehumidifier and X-3500 Air Scrubber


    The ASK125 Adapter along with a ducting hose will allow you to connect your XD-125 Dehumidifier to an X-3500 Air Scrubber and create a complete air purifying and drying system. 

    The system is capable of cleaning humid, heavily contaminated environments such as grooming salons and water damaged areas.

    By combining the power of the air scrubber and the dehumidifier you can effectively remove both moisture and contaminants. The system is capable of removing up to 125 pints of water per day at max humidity and filtering out a wide range of even sub-micron sized contaminants.

    This air care solution decreases drying times and creates a healthy and comfortable environment that is free of toxic airborne particles.

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