DEWALT Forced Air Propane Heater 100,000-150,000 BTU/Hr. -DXH150FAV

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  • Patented Quiet Burner Technology reduces the combustion and operation noise by up to 50%
  • Rugged two-piece split barrel, designed to make cleaning and maintenance easier and safer.
  • Recessed controls designed to reduce the risk of damage on the jobsite.
  • Continuous electronic ignition is always present as a source of ignition for unburned fuel, reducing the ability for fuels to pool and collect in a dangerous manner.


The DXH150FAV forced air propane heater burns at 150,000 BTU/HR and can be adjusted down 100,000 BTU/HR. Equipped with Quiet Burner Technology this heater operates with 50% less noise than standard units of similar size. Includes a 20' hose and regulator, and is manufactured with a large ergonomic handle and a split barrel design for easy maintenance. when operated with a 100LB propane tank you can heat approximately 3750 square feet of space for around 14 hours on high or 22 hours on low. 


    Fuel Type Liquid Propane
    Heater Type Propane
    Heating Area 3,200 Sq Ft
    Hose Length 20'
    Ignition Type Continuous Spark Ignition
    LP Consumption Rate 4.8-6.8 LBS/HR
    Minimum Tank Size 100 LBS

    Net Weight

    28 LBS
    Output 100,000 - 150,000 BTU/HR
    Output 400 CFM
    Power Requirements 110V
    Regulator Settings 20 PSI

    5 HRS



    • L.P. Hose and Regulator

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