Beton Trowel Vibratamp Bullfloat with 3.0m (~9'10") Aluminum Blade

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    The Beton Trowel Vibratamp Bullfloat is great for the effective levelling of concrete without guide rails.  Light Vibration pulls fine material to the surface for sealing the slab.  In many applications no further trowelling is necessary.  


    • Includes 3.0m (~9'10") aluminum blade
    • Blades also available in 2m and 2.5m widths
    • Includes 3 x 1,83m snap handles with 5,5m long reach over the slab
    • Twist handle for easy blade pitch control forward and back passes
    • Blade extension designed for strength and lightness with hollow section extrusion and profiled bottom


    Engine Honda GX25
    Operating Width 3.0m (~9'10")
    Weight 18 kg


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