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 Top 10 Heater Products


Rotor Kit For Forced Air Kerosene Heaters
Replacement Filter Kit For Forced Air Kerosene Heaters
10' Buddy Hose Assembly Buddy Series
12ft Propane Hose Assembly
Flame Rod Sensor
Pump Adjustment Kit
High Limit Switch Heater Exchanger
Pressure Switch MH/HSU45


Note: Some heater parts may take up to 10 business days for delivery. This is because they may be back ordered (but can still be purchased online) and will then need to be rushed to our facility. 

Handle Assembly Grey MH18B
SKU: 78402

Regular price $4.24

Gas Valve LP Big Maxx Heater
SKU: 60129

Regular price $94.67

Limit Sensor MH/HSU75 140 degree
SKU: 60021

Regular price $5.66

Thermocouple Assembly
SKU: 27933

Regular price $5.66

Thermocouple, MH35FALP, HS35FALP
SKU: 28082

Regular price $18.39
12ft Big Buddy RV Hose

12ft Big Buddy RV Hose
SKU: F271802

Regular price $52.63

Tile Gasket MH9B
SKU: 73433

Regular price $4.24

Vent Adapter 3in MH/HSU45 & MH/HSU 50
SKU: 60130

Regular price $4.24

Front Handle - Black for MH9BX
SKU: 32072

Regular price $4.24

Battery Door Cover Gray MH18B
SKU: 78408

Regular price $4.24

Rear Handle - Black for MH9BX
SKU: 32074

Regular price $4.24

Big Maxx Fuel Conversion Kit - NG to LP MHU/HSU 45/75
SKU: F260174

Regular price $54.91

Tank Top Regulator
SKU: F237314

Regular price $19.06

Nozzle Kit for MH75KT / MH75KTR / HS75KT
SKU: F221878

Regular price $39.67

Right Side Cover Grey MH18B
SKU: 78420

Regular price $4.24

Left Side Cover Grey MH18B
SKU: 78411

Regular price $16.52

Orifice MHU/HSU50/80LP models Stamp 047
SKU: 60156

Regular price $4.24

Tip Over Switch Tank Top Heaters
SKU: 42116

Regular price $4.24


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