OREC AHRC663 - Cyclone Flail Mower (Track Drive)

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  • Blade Height Adjustment
  • Brake Clutch Steering
  • Handle Height Adjustment
  • Honda Engine
  • Multiple Flail Blades Drum
  • Parking Brake
  • Sulky Attachment
  • Track Drive


This brush-mulching beast can take down tall grass, weeds, brambles, and even small saplings. Add to that the thirty-eight flail blades that chew up and mulch the brush and you have an all-in-one brush mower and mulching machine. 

The Cyclone Walk-Behind Flail Mower is easy to use with a stress-free clutch turning system and fool-proof blade height adjustment.

The Cyclone will add toughness, superior cutting and safety to your team.

If the blades hit rocks or stumps, the flails pivot and release shock which protects the spindle from damage.

Rotary mowers cut only the bottom of the high weeds and often leave them standing.

The Cyclone’s flail blades rotate in an “up-cut” motion, thereby catching the whole plant at once. The machine also mulches material down while cutting.

Unlike rotary mowers, which can throw objects in all directions, the Cyclone’s steel flap guards help keep dangerous objects inside the deck. 





Warranty: Limited 1-year Commercial Use / 2-year Residential Use

AHRC663 - Cyclone Flail Mower, Track
Type Honda (gas)
Displacement 270 cc
Horsepower 8.4 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.4 gal.

Cutting Width 25.6 in.
Cutting height 2 - 4 in. (variable)
Cutting System Vertical Flail

OREC original heavy duty gear 0.6 mph, 1.2 mph, 2.1 mph
0.6 mph (reverse)

Length 75 in.
Width 31 in.
Height 47 in.
Weight 450 lbs.

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