Heatstar Greenhouse Heater F130105 HS250AG

HeatStar 250,000 BTU Stainless Steel Direct Fired Forced Air Industrial Heater HS250AG (F130105)

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    • High grade stainless steel exterior & burner - durable
    • 99% efficient
    • Generates CO2
    • 150ft Throw
    • Automatic ignition, easy to operate
    • On-board diagnostics
    • Easy installation - no chimney or drain pipe necessary
    • CSA Greenhouse Certified
    • NG-LP gas two different nozzles
    • Built-in Safety Devices:
    • Low voltage shut-off, Protects motor, Prevents CO build-up
    • IP65 grade dust & water protection
    • Flame sensor safety device
    • Air pressure switch
    • High limit switch
    • Failure alarm


    This 250,000 BTU heater is designed for greenhouse heating and or CO2 enrichment as well as horse stable heating. It is CSA and CE certified for use in greenhouses. It runs on Natural Gas or Liquid Propane and comes standard with a NG to LP conversion kit. The external housing, burner and combustion chamber are all made with high quality stainless steel to provide longevity. The combustion chamber is highly efficient resulting in a clean burn and ethylene content less than 0.6PPM. The HS250AG comes standard with automatic ignition and other safety features like an air flow switch, gas pressure switch, overheat monitoring, CO monitor and simple on-board diagnostics.

    It is designed to be suspended from the four stainless steel hanging bolts. HS250AG comes with a hook up for a local thermostat or can be set up to be managed by computer controlled thermostats. Other optional features include a delayed ignition relay so you can stagger start of multiple heaters, CO2 generator, moisture resistance starter and a remote failure alarm.


    Weight (Lbs) 101
    BTU per Hour 250000
    Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane
    Minimum NG Line Size 3/4in
    Electrical Rating 110 vac
    Air Volume (CFM) 2,766 CFM
    Gas Inlet Connection 3/4in
    Gas Inlet Pressure Min 8in WC NG-LP
    Gas Inlet Pressure Max 10in WC NG; 13in WC LP
    Mounting Height Range 8ft - 12ft
    Clearance to Combustibles: Horizontal Above 36in; Behind 36in; Sides 36in
    Venting Required No
    Venting: Air Intake No
    Ducting No
    Thermostat Optional No
    Ignition Electronic
    Warranty 1 Year Limited
    Model HS250AG

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