Beton Trowel 2 x 120cm Ride On Power Trowel - High Rider

Beton Trowel 2 x 120cm Ride On Power Trowel - High Rider

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    The Beton Trowel BT120 Ride On High Rider Power Trowel is a well balanced powerful floating and finishing machine.

    Built strong but with simple mechanical construction to ensure contractors can more easily deal with any service requirements.


    • Grease points at spider to ensure continual free movement of blade pitch
    • Highly effective float pan machine with plenty power for this operation
    • Good all round visibility of blades and concrete for the operator
    • Driven by BLM type heavy duty clutch with 3 drive belts. Converting drive through universal drive couplings to Gearboxes
    • Ergonomic manual steering
    • 4 x Running Lights as standard
    • Seat adjuster standard
    • Water spray system, drink holder and engine hour meter standard
    • 5 Blade spider assembly’s for stability and fast closing of floor on final finishing. Spider machining is precision tolerance fit for the trowel arms therefore minimising wear and ensuring long service life
    • Fork pockets for easy loading


    Engine Vanguard Twin Cylinder 35 HP
    Heavy Duty Reduction Gearboxes
    Steering Manual
    DIMS cm
    254 x 127
    Blades 10
    Float Pans Yes
    Weight 480
    Finish 6 x 18
    Combination 8 x 18
    Wide Finish 8 x 18
    Float Shoes 10 x 18
    Plastic Blades Yes
    Warranty 24 Month on Gearbox


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