Upper/Lower Handle Kit - Titan X-Series - Titan Post Drivers

Upper/Lower Handle Kit - Titan X-Series


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    • Compatible with X-Series Post Drivers, models PGD2000X and PGD3200X
    • Strong tight connection
    • Formed angled handle with a cushioned grip


    The Titan Lower Handle Kit can be added to either PGD2000X or PDG3200X X Series Contractor Grade Drivers as an additional top and/or lower carrying handle. The additional gripping surface provides added control and makes it easier to drive posts from different heights or angles. When attached to the top of the driver you still have access to the integrated top carrying handle.  

    The kit includes a formed angled handle with a cushioned grip, knurled fitting, hardened steel bolts and Nord-Lock washers for a strong, tight connection. 

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